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Typical Day

Each day, St. Francis students—along with all students in Partnership Schools—develop rich knowledge of the world, productive habits for a lifetime, and deep bonds with their school community and their Creator.


In their first years of school, students build self-esteem, develop a positive attitude toward learning, and improve social skills by interacting with classmates.

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Our community begins each day with a meeting- our time to come together each day for prayers, announcements, and shout outs!

Our littlest learners work with letter sounds and play centers throughout the day.

Our teachers work with our students to recognize letters and words, building a strong foundation for future reading skills.
Throughout the day, students participate in co-curriculars like music, art, and library.
Everyone loves lunch and recess!
Our Pre-K math program focuses on recognizing numbers, shape identification, sorting, and more.
All grades participate in gym class for healthy hearts and minds!
Cultivating a love of learning and social skills happens every day.
Learning and fun are available in aftercare for families who choose it.

Kindergarten to 2nd Grade

St. Francis provides early elementary students with strong foundations in phonics, number skills, and knowledge building—and the joy of learning alongside good friends and nurturing teachers.

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The day begins with welcome and breakfast.
We kick off the day with prayer and a sense of community.

Our students gain a strong foundation for reading by developing phonics skills—the sounds, letters, and words that are the building blocks of texts.

Find out more about Core Knowledge Language Arts here.

Students continue developing as readers through daily content-based literacy work, acquiring background knowledge of history and science as they read.
Students enjoy art, music, library or other enrichment each day.
Lunch and recess provide a welcome time to enjoy play and each other.

Developing math concepts and vocabulary helps our students follow a carefully sequenced path to deep understanding and math problem-solving skills.

Find out more about Eureka Math here.

Physical education doesn’t just provide students active enrichment; it helps them develop key motor skills and joyful cooperation with others.

Even in early grades, our students discover the world’s wonders through scientific explorations.

3rd to 5th Grade

Upper elementary students expand their knowledge of the world and themselves as they develop habits of mind and heart to last a lifetime.

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Our root beliefs anchor what we do and how we do it, every day.

In English Language Arts, students build literacy skills and breath of knowledge through rich units of study in history, science and literature. To learn more about our content-driven approach to literacy, click here.

In fourth and fifth grade, students also read novels in class, fostering an enduring love of reading and preparing them for the rigors of novel study they’ll do in middle school.
Art, music, or library every day are essential for educating the whole child.
Everybody loves lunch and recess.
In upper elementary math, we focus on building strong fluency with math facts and operations, and a flexible understanding of fractions, creating the foundation needed for success in algebra.
Study of the Catholic faith and opportunities for prayer help students know God, and know themselves as God’s beloved children.

Our students continue to develop a deep knowledge of science by “investigating” real world problems. A balance of literacy-rich activities and hands on experiments teaches students to collect evidence and test hypotheses like real scientists. Learn more about our science program here.

Students form friendships that can last a lifetime.

6th through 8th grade

Our approach to middle school prepares students for the challenges and rewards of great high school opportunities—and equips them to be great friends, principled community members, and flourishing young adults.

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Throughout the day, middle schoolers have opportunities to lead, making the school’s core values and root beliefs lived out in daily life.

Our students’ read and study great novels, everyday, rapidly expanding their vocabulary, historical, and literary knowledge and their ability to communicate complex ideas in writing. Learn more about our middle school literacy program here.

Study and discussion, along with active participation in liturgies, give middle schoolers a chance to explore the deepest questions of human existence and the richness of the Catholic faith.
The arts and P.E. are essential parts of each student’s education.
Everybody still loves lunch and recess.
6th and 7th students put their arithmetic to work, practicing more complex calculations in Pre-Algebra. 8th graders take Algebra I—setting them on the path to enroll in higher-level math and science in high school, like calculus and physics. Click here for more information on our math program.
Our curriculum prepares students to be admitted to—and thrive at—the best fit high school for them.
Middle school students expand their science knowledge with earth, physical, and chemical science investigations.
All the work our students do is just the beginning—the key that unlocks great high school opportunities and the joy of learning, faith, and community for years to come.